Cast 2016



Below is the 2016 Cast of The Nutcracker
Please Note: Flower corps and finale flower are different roles

Alexandra Abraham, Soldier
Sophia Arcuri, Cherub
Alexis Bara, Seraphim, Finale Flower
Catalina Batista, Soldier, Angel
Madison Bielby, Rat, Bon Bon
Braelynn Bielby, Cherub
Keegan Birt, Rat King
Alexia Birt, Rat, Bon Bon
Jessalyn Birt, Soldier, Angel
Abigail Bisaccia, Page
Grace Bisaccia, Frost Fairy
Maria Brooks, Snowflake, Flower corps, Trepak, 
Paige Burton, Baby’s Breath
Julia Burton, Frost Fairy
Clare Calogero, Snowflake, Flower corps, Spanish corps, Harlequin doll
Olivia Carmody, Snowflake, Flower corps, Arabian
Emma Carmody, Party Girl
Rebecca Caruso, Snowflake, Flower corps, Finale Flower
Mei Cassidy-Heekin, Snow Flurry, Chinese Tea, Angel
Jessica Cater, Snow Flurry, Angel, Chinese Tea
Catie Childs, Soldier
Ella Clive, Rat, Bon Bon,
Clare Colantuoni, Baby Mouse
Autumn Czerniak, Clara
Ellasandra Delia, Baby’s Breath
Lauren Ertwistle, Snow Flurry, Angel, Spanish corps
Julia Felici, Icicle, Flower corps, Mirliton, Giggly Girl
Olivia Fowler, Seraphim, Finale Flower
Sadie Gall, Cherub
Jaelyn Gentile, Baby’s Breath
Charlotte Grace, Dragonfly, Chinese Tea, Finale Flower, Angel
Marge Heaton, Snowflake, Flower corps, Finale Flower
Clara Jenkins, Cherub
Grace Johnson, Dragonfly, Angel, Finale Flower
Eris Johnson, Dragonfly, Angel, Finale Flower
Reganne Jones, Rat
Rori Jones, Baby Mouse
Jasmine Kahler, Rat, Bon Bon
Stella Klossner, Baby’s Breath
Allison Kovacs, Frost Fairy
Ava Lakeman, Rat, Bon Bon
Giada Lamberto, Soldier
Sophia Larish, Party Girl, Dragonfly
Wesley Larish, Fritz
NyAshia Linen, Party Girl
Kaylee Lopata, Baby Mouse
Madison Lynch, Frost Fairy
Rhianna Lynch, Angel
Brynn McKeone, Sugar Plum Fairy
Emily McKeone, Party Girl, Dragonfly
Molly McKeone, Rat, Bon Bon
Caitlyn Merritt, Rat
Lena Miller, Snowflake, Rosebud, Arabian
Julia Mitchell, Party Girl
Cara Molanare, Snow Flurry, Columbine Doll, Chinese Tea
Noelle Molanare, Rat, Bon Bon
Jillian Morris, Bon Bon
Cassidy Mullin, Party Girl
Campbell O’Bryan, Baby’s Breath
Scarlett O’Grady, Dragonfly, Angel, Finale Flower
Lillian O’Mara, Baby’s Breath
Kayla Orr, Rat, Bon Bon
Antonia Palmisano, Seraphim, Finale Flower
Jaine Paradis, Soldier
Ella Perrault, Rat
Madison Piekielniak, Baby Mouse
Harper Pole, Baby Mouse
Gianna Puccio, Rat
Mori Reichenbach, Page
Ella Richards-Simon, Soldier, Angel
Arianna Robinson, Soldier
Madison Robinson, Baby’s Breath
Victoria Rocci, Snowflake, Flower corps, Lead Spanish
Mia Russo, Frost Fairy
Lillian Sarno Bruni, Baby Mouse
Katie Scoones, Icicle, Flower corps, Mirliton, Giggly Girl
Alison Sheaffer, Seraphim, Finale Flower
Julia Shove, Snow Queen, Rosebud
Sonya Sierson, Cherub
Rachel Silverman, Rat
Paige Simpson, Party Girl
Emily Spiak, Party Girl
Sarah Sterling, Snowflake, Flower corps, Mirliton, Giggly Girl
Hannah Sterling, Party Girl
Arika Suits, Frost Fairy
Lauren Tesak, Rat, Bon Bon
Giada Testa, Baby’s Breath
Mia Trevisani, Snowflake, Dew Drop Fairy
Ayla VanDauber, Baby’s Breath, Mouse Captain
Nevaeh Waterman, Frost Fairy
Mackenzie Winfield, Snowflake, Flower corps, Trepak
Marlee Winfield, Rat, Baby’s Breath
Jillian Winn, Frost Fairy
Arianna Young, Angel
Marcella Zielinski, Bunny


The 2020 Nutcracker Cancelled

Since 1980, Mohawk Valley Performing Arts has brightened the holiday season for years through its staging of the classic “The Nutcracker.” The Board of Directors and artistic staff have endeavored to make our production unique, through major investments in sets, costumes, choreography, lighting and guest artists. Accordingly, Mohawk Valley Performing Arts “The Nutcracker” has afforded young dancers the unique opportunity to perform on the Stanley World Stage in front of large audiences every holiday season.

Faced with the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board of Directors along with our Artistic Director, has had to make the painful decision to cancel “The Nutcracker” for 2020. Multiple factors were considered in coming to this conclusion. To perform “The Nutcracker” under the state protocols and health considerations would do a disservice to our patrons, and, more importantly, our young dancers.

The Board is presently planning for a Spring Production of Cinderella. We are still offering our Arts Integration Program virtually to school districts. We expect to come back strong in the 2021 holiday season with our 40th production of “The Nutcracker” that will live up to the high standards of Mohawk Valley Performing Arts.


Lisa Burline Roser
President, Mohawk Valley Performing Arts